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Environment proctection

Environmental protection is an integral component of Kuhmichel's  company policy, and therefore takes on an equal place in line with our commercial objectives.

It is no coincidence that we attach great importance to the fact that the products we sell are produced, used and can be disposed of in a sound ecological manner.

KUHMICHEL – ecologically responsible production of blasting media and abrasives.

At Kuhmichel we exercise great fortitude when selecting our suppliers. We evaluate their ability to operate within the compliance of our designated environmental parameters and subsequently we inspect their production facilities for evidence of installed technologies designed to enhance the further protection of the environment.

It is our desire to be allied to suppliers who operate clean and efficient production plants.

For example, our partners in South Africa have laid out all water circuits as closed systems preventing the escape of cooling water and removing the threat of any cross contamination in the external environment.

Emission measurement equipment throughout the plant ensures compliance with the current approved emission values. The highly sensitive topic of radio-activity in metal blasting media is taken seriously and all inbound raw materials are measured.  Any contaminated raw materials found are not used in the production process. 

In Hungary, our white fused alumina producer, in addition to wholly complying with the strict regulations put in place following the EU accession of Hungary, has completed eco-certification in accordance with ISO 14001, and has subsequently introduced extensive measures to ensure protection from emissions, waste prevention and the recycling of secondary products/waste.

In order to maintain our own high standards we constantly visit our suppliers and monitor the production process and liaise with them to see if any further improvements to the manufacturing process can be made.

Processing company
It is of great importance to Kuhmichel that the processing companies we cooperate with have eco-certification (DIN ISO 14001) in place and are certified according to EMAS or the German “specialist waste disposal company” equivalent. 

KUHMICHEL – Environmental Responsibility
At Kuhmichel we constantly make use of a wide range of measures available to us that ensure that our products can be used in operation for as long and as efficiently as possible. We regularly perform service life and durability tests for most of our blasting media, so you in turn can expect the longevity associated with our high quality products.

As a part of our aftermarket service we can perform on-site media analysis, which in most cases is free of charge. We can also assist in optimising your blasting equipment.

KUHMICHEL – Environmental Responsibility
Our ecological outlook does not end after the abrasive medium we supply has reached the end of its service life. If required, we can also recover spent abrasive waste for recycling or reutilisation.  

Reclaimed products from blasting media and abrasives are technically well-engineered and successful products, which drastically relieve the pressure on your budget and also contribute to protecting the raw material resources of our earth.

Should you require more information on the Kuhmichel recycling concept this can be accessed under the menu point ‘Recycling’ and in the download area.