Kuhmichel - Europe's leading blasting media distributor


KUHMICHEL - Experts at 6 locations in Europe At Kuhmichel we have a simple philosophy: quality products at a competitive price delivered on time.

And to that end we feel that Kuhmichel is ideally situated at six locations throughout Europe to support our customers in whatever requirement their manufacturing process demands. Whether it is blasting, peening, grinding, sanding, cutting or surface preparation – wherever perfect surfaces are required, Kuhmichel can supply a suitable abrasive medium that’s “up to the task”, confident in the knowledge that you, the customer, will achieve the correct surface finish you require.

Quality and diversity At Kuhmichel we are proud of the partnerships that have developed over the years with our customers through our desire to maintain our position at the forefront of the abrasive media industry. Today, our products are used by the following industries:
The M.O.D & Nuclear Sector, Aerospace-Commercial and Military, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Foundry / Forging Applications, Steel Manufacture and General Engineering, Off-Shore/Marine, and Civil Manufacturing (texturing and non-slip applications). However, we are not resting on our laurels. We are constantly striving to improve our scope of supply for the ultimate benefit of our large and diverse customer base.

After Market / Technical Support At Kuhmichel we place a great emphasis on the sustainability of our products, we constantly perform rigorous longevity and durability tests to determine the quality of the media we supply. We feel, we are duty bound to investigate and advice to the best of our ability.

We can, if required, carry out site visits to discuss the requirements or problems encountered and look to find a solution by either performing an on site media analysis or by simply suggesting an alternative media. Moreover, we can carry out a technical assessment of the working efficiency of the equipment.
Experience has taught us that the simplest solution often is the best one. Why don’t you let us help you maximise your effort with the minimum of input? We are here to help and assist.

Environmental Responsibility At Kuhmichel we firmly believe that the protection of the environment is of paramount importance and this is deeply ingrained within our company policy.

We attach great importance to the selling of products, which are acquired, used and can then be recycled in the most ecologically responsible manner available.

We also specialise in waste management as we have been committed to media recycling and re-using for over two decades. We are proud to say that Kuhmichel has the ability to recycle the bulk of spent media from the products we supply.