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Bonded And Coated Abrasives

Grinding wheels are composed of abrasives and binders with which various materials can be mechanically processed.

There are ceramically bonded (vitrified) grinding wheels and resin bonded grinding wheels. Furthermore there are coated abrasives, e.g. sand paper.

For the production of these products, a constant high-quality supply of abrasive media is important.

Quality is characterised by the absolute accuracy of chemical composition, grain size distribution, crystal structure and bulk density

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Taking into account the constantly growing number of vehicle models, increasing quantities, shorter production cycles and changed customer expectations; together with digital networking and new regulations; you can acknowledge that automobile production faces great challenges.

Full traceability throughout the supply chain is required in order to meet today’s high demands for comfort, safety and environmental protection.

Kuhmichel meets the needs and standards of this industry, supplying high-quality blasting and grinding media, as well as offering expert advice on all aspects of surface technology.

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Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik

The Aerospace industry stands for cutting-edge technology.

The latest technologies and safety regulations demand continuous advances in development and production, plus complete traceability of materials throughout the supply chain.

The production of new systems, and the maintenance or modernisation of existing systems, are also characterised by the extremely high level of accuracy required by this high-tech industry.

Kuhmichel has obtained various approvals from renowned manufacturers, and we supply selected blast media in accordance with the current aviation material specifications.

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Contract Blasting


Companies who commission or undertake contract blast work are presented with the various applications and blast media available to them.

Here they benefit from our competence, know-how and many years of experience. This results in a high degree of flexibility, reliability and efficiency.

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Plating describes the process of applying a firmly adhered layer to a substrate.

The aim of plating is to positively influence the properties of a substrate both chemically and physically.

An important criterion for assessing the quality of plating is its adhesive strength, which characterises how well the applied layer adheres to the substrate.

This parameter can be greatly influenced by treating the substrate with an angular blast media.

The blast process roughens the component, and the resulting surface finish ensures a considerable improvement in adhesion, thereby significantly increasing the quality of the plating.

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Filter Technology


Clean water is the basis of all life forms.

Multi-layer filters make a valuable contribution in significantly improving the cleanliness and quality of contaminated water.

Due to its hardness, high bulk density and chemical stability, garnet is an important component of a multi-layer filter. Garnet extends the service life of the filter system and ensures a stable and high filtration rate.

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Flooring / Anti-Skid

Fußboden und Antirutsch

In accordance with the relevant trade regulations for non-slip flooring at work, floors must have sufficient slip resistance in all industries and environments.

Equally, it must be ensured that sufficient displacement space is achieved so that aquaplaning hazards are reduced.

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Foundries are high-performance centres in which castings are manufactured from a wide variety of materials for numerous industries. They undertake work ranging from complex individual parts to mass production.

Many casting processes require a uniform surface finish at the end of the machining process. The desired performance is achieved through targeted surface treatment which meets the high requirements in terms of dimensional accuracy, mechanical stress and surface quality.

Essential for an effective surface treatment process which guarantees the desired surface finish is the choice of a suitable abrasive.

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The term laminate refers to a floor or decorative covering consisting of several layers. The overlay or top layer functions as protection for the laminate from everyday wear and tear. To ensure the desired abrasion resistance, fused alumina is added to the adhesive of the overlay.

Our premium quality aluminium oxide has become particularly well established, fulfilling not only the special requirements for abrasion resistance and transparency, but also the required degree of whiteness.

The extremely high purity allows an unobstructed view of the decorative paper of the laminate.

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Surface technology is an important factor in the maritime sector.

The ever-changing weather conditions place special demands on the slip and abrasion resistance of ship deck coverings .
At the same time, it is important to ensure the corrosion resistance of the coatings and of other components which are exposed to constant weathering.

These special requirements can equally be met by correct pre-treatment and subsequent coating with high-quality blast media from Kuhmichel.

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Masonary Cleaning | Building Restoration


Buildings are exposed to constant environmental influences and pollutants, which sooner or later lead to weathering.

The result is soiled and discolored surfaces which are visually unattractive. A cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, chemical-free solution is to clean buildings with the help of blasting media.

This removes all types of contamination whilst keeping substance loss on the substrate itself as low as possible.

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Medical technology is characterised by its stringent demands on both man and machine.

This area requires an uncompromising approach and complete transparancy in the documentation of all processes and products.

We are proud to be a competent partner in this industry, and to own that we enjoy the trust of our customers.

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Particularly in the military sector, materials, vehicles and equipment are exposed to enormous and constant stress.

Stress, in the long term, can cause dangerous material fatigue. Therefore regular and comprehensive maintenance and repair is of great importance.

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Floor Blasting

Mobiles Kugelstrahlen

Floor blasting is mainly done in building construction and renovation.

It represents an important preparation step for floors having special properties and requirements.

Mobile machines blast steel balls to clean the surface to be processed without leaving any residue.

A resilient and hard-wearing floor coating can then be applied.

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Surface technology is an important factor in the offshore sector.

The ever-changing weather conditions place special demands on the slip and abrasion resistance of ship deck coverings.

At the same time, it is important to ensure the corrosion resistance of the coatings and of other components which are exposed to constant weathering.

These special requirements can equally be met by correct pre-treatment and subsequent coating with high-quality blast media from Kuhmichel.

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Paint Industry


Abrasive media can be added to paints or varnishes to improve certain properties of a coating.

An important property which can be enhanced by adding abrasives is abrasion resistance.

Also, properties such as UV resistance, anti-slip and heat resistance can be improved by using our media as an additive.

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Pyrotechnics is a process which is associated with combustion – usually of an explosive nature.

The most famous area is probably fireworks.

Different metals and chemicals are used and combined to generate the most diverse effects of rockets or fountains.

In order to achieve the colour effects, these are mixed with a binder, moistened, and brought into the desired shape.

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Refractory products are used wherever work is carried out at high temperatures > 600 C°.

Kuhmichel supplies raw materials which are an essential component of many end products, contributing to an efficient and safe production process.

Our fused aluminas are characterised by good thermal and chemical resistance.

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Steel And Metal Construction

Stahl- und Metallbau

Many forms of blasting are used in the steel and metal construction industry.

Often blasting is the only economical solution when it comes to achieving the desired component properties.

These properties include the fulfilment of specified purity and roughness values, component hardening (shot peening) and deburring.

The variety of applications, specifications and system technology require a specific selection of blast media, which function as a tool to provide the desired surface finish.

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Stone Industry


In the stone industry, the areas of application for surface treatment are very varied.

From smoothing stone surfaces to optical refinement;
from engraving of all kinds to the processing of floor slabs to improve anti-slip properties; abrasives play an important role in achieving the desired end result.

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Tool Industry


Tools undergo a multitude of machining steps from production to completion.

Their surface treatments are as individual as each tool is for its designated application.

Tool applications include descaling and deburring, as well as roughening as a pre-treatment to improve adhesion of a subsequent coating.

Many tools are treated with an abrasive media at various stages of production.

Our supply of our high-quality abrasives ensures that tools meet the highest technical and optical standards.

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Rail Industry

Waggon- und Fahrzeugbau

The use of abrasive media for surface treatment plays an important role in the manufacture and maintenance of rail vehicles, components and infrastructure.

The properties of components can be significantly improved by specific treatments.

Blasting is used to prepare surfaces for subsequent coatings, and to increase the service life of workpieces.

For the gentle removal of graffiti, Kuhmichel also provides the appropriate sandblasting media.

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Water Jet Cutting


By adding abrasive material to the water jet cutting process, extremely hard materials can be cut without heat generation.

The water/abrasive mixture is accelerated to almost the speed of sound at a pressure of up to 6400 bar.
A high degree of precision, high cutting speeds and short set-up times characterise this technology.

Kuhmichel offers suitable abrasives for all systems and applications.

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