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You are the expert on your products – we are the experts on everything that makes your product perfect. At Kuhmichel our thoughts constantly focus on blasting, grinding, cutting, infilling – indeed everything that makes surfaces perfect for you. This is precisely why we have one of the most versatile ranges of blasting media and abrasives in Europe. Learn more



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About us
When it comes to choosing the right blasting medium or abrasive for your process, Kuhmichel is your reliable partner from offering consultation and reliable deliveries on time, through to our product quality. As “Europe’s leading blasting media distributor” with our own production facility and recycling plant, we offer our customers a professional all-round service that always focuses on establishing a long-term relationship with our customers based on partnership.

Kuhmichel values the very highest quality:

  • We only ever procure raw materials from globally recognised producers.
  • Our extensive network of international teams of consultants has many years of experience of industrial surface finishing gained across different sectors of industry.
  • Thanks to our warehousing right across Europe, we can deliver products to you swiftly.

We offer consultation and products!

Year founded 1880
Annual turnover in tons 200.000 tons
Material always available 20.000 tons
Quantities delivered per “unit” from 25 kg to 25.000 kg

Whether a contractor for blasting or a global player – we are there for you!



Wilhelm Kuhmichel establishes his company of the same name in Kandel/Rhineland Palatinate. The company, which is based close to the local coal and steel industries, specialises in furnace linings and the sale of recoverable refractory linings.


The businessman Helmut Grundei purchases the company and changes the legal form to Wilhelm Kuhmichel GmbH. He recognises that recycling is set to expand in the future.


Dirk Grundei joins his father’s company.


The company takes over the exclusive representation for the Hungarian white fused alumina product range MOTIM for Germany.


Dirk Grundei becomes managing director of Wilhelm Kuhmichel GmbH.


Establishment of the sales and distribution subsidiary in Stafford, United Kingdom as Wilhelm Kuhmichel GmbH, UK Branch.


Renaming of Wilhelm Kuhmichel GmbH to Kuhmichel Abrasiv GmbH.


Establishment of the sales and distribution office Kuhmichel Abrasiv Austria in Tulln, Austria.


Establishment of the sales and distribution office Kuhmichel Abrasiv B. V. in Holten, Netherlands.


Establishment of the sales and distribution office Kuhmichel Abrasiv Hungária Kft. in Budapest, Hungary.


Kuhmichel acquires stake in SIGMA Stainless Steel (today SIGMA Wear Parts PTY Ltd.) in South Africa.


Establishment of the sales and distribution office Kuhmichel Yüzey Islem Teknolojisi in Istanbul, Turkey.


Establishment of Kuhmichel Recycling GmbH in Ballenstedt, Germany.


Approval for Kuhmichel Recycling GmbH to start operating


Establishment of the Kuhmichel sales and distribution office in Shanghai, China

Experience. Expertise. Solutions.
For 140 years.


What drives us there?

We are a globally leading company and want to expand and strengthen our position over the long term. On this road, the three pillars of economy, ecology and social aspects play a crucial role for us.
What drives us there? A happy customer.
We understand everything we do to be an interconnected process combining innovation, sustainability and passion which is shaped by all the parties involved:

  • What matters to our customers and suppliers?
  • How can we help our customers with our know-how and offer them even more support?

We address these core questions and work with all our employees and partners around the world to devise new ideas and forward-looking initiatives for our customers. Our sales representatives will therefore offer you the advice you need so that you will still be happy to buy products from us well into the future.

You are invited to make use of our existing international expertise so that you can work with our teams to find workable and sustainable solutions.

Quality & safety
Quality and safety are so closely interwoven at Kuhmichel that we find they are simply inseparable:

  • the quality of our products is defined by the requirements of our customers and the ambition of our employees.
  • the safety of our products is so central that all quality standards are simultaneously also safety standards.

See this for yourself: on a tour of our modern laboratories or by talking to our employees.

Customer service
Our aspiration is always to find the best material to suit any assignment that our customers may have. If you contact us, you can thus rely on receiving expert, professional advice.

On request, we will support you free of charge with your plant optimisation. To do this, our experienced consultants will prepare analyses of the blasting medium operating mixtures of your blasting facilities on site. We will often come up with solutions which significantly improve both the efficiency of your facility and the exploitation of the product potential.

Flexibility is something that is displayed day in, day out at Kuhmichel:
Special packaging, special stickers or labels, special mixtures or screens are frequent customer requests that we do not just discuss – we implement them.

Environment protection
At Kuhmichel protection of the environment is an integral part of the sustainable corporate policy and is equally as important as the economic targets and social aspects. We attach great importance to ensuring that our products are produced and can also be disposed of in an environmentally sustainable way.

This is why in choosing suppliers we make sure that they comply with environmental regulations and we support the installation of environmental protection technologies. We visit all production facilities at regular intervals and have them checked to ensure that they comply with the relevant requirements. Kuhmichel is able to take back almost all delivered products across Europe. Our recycling concept.


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