Application areas

  • Cleaning
  • Deburring
  • Reusable abrasive
  • Soft blasting

I am recyclable!

We recycle your blasting and abrasive waste in our own recycling plant.

More info

Aluminium round is particularly suitable for gentle blasting of aluminium castings, magnesium castings and zinc die castings. We will be happy to help you.


Typical physical properties
Hardness 90 – 120 HV
Grain shape rounded
Melting point ca. 660 °C
Specific gravity ca. 2,5 – 2,8 g/cm3
Bulk density* ca. 0,9 – 1,5 g/cm3

*depending on grain size

Typical chemical analysis
Al 97 – 98 %
Mg 0,80 %
Si max. 1,00 %
Fe max. 0,40 %
Mn max. 0,30 %
C max. 0,10 %

Blasting systems

Pressure blast machines

Wheel blast machines


25 kg bags on 1t pallets

1 ton loose in a big bag


Any Questions?


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