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Emery is a blasting medium which is produced from natural minerals. This low-priced product does not quite reach the lifespans of fused alumina and SIBASIV blast bauxite, but it is “alumina-typical” in its lack of iron and abrasive performance. We will be happy to help you.


Typical physical properties
Hardness ca. 7,5 – 8,5 mohs
Grain shape angular
Melting point ca. 1.400 °C
Specific gravity ca. 3,5 – 4,0 g/cm3
Bulk density* ca. 1,6 – 1,9 g/cm3

*depending on grain size

Typical chemical analysis
Al2O3 61,74 %
Fe2O3 24,65 %
SiO2 7,31 %
TiO2 2,84 %
CaO 3,16 %
MgO 0,34 %

Available sizes


Average grain size (mm)

0,25 – 0,50
0,50 – 1,00
1,00 – 1,50
1,00 – 2,00

Other grain sizes can be produced if required.

Blasting systems

Pressure blast machines

Vacuum blast machines


25 kg bags on 1t pallets

1 ton loose in a big bag


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